Thursday, 23 February 2017

Melt Me with that Hug Again

The feeling of that first hug remains indelible
A strange emotion which the heart craves for
It was the first time I was happy while shivering
Seemed as you melted my sadness slowly
The whole world seemed so beautiful
And my soul dissolved with yours forever

Little did I know how momentous it was
How soon my life was to be ruined
My every emotion to be compromised
My soul to be humiliated every minute
You left me but that feeling remained
An emotion which none could understand

Physical satisfaction is what others yearn for
I want to fill that emotional hollowness
Forget the feeling of that hug to repeat
I was not even hugged by anyone again
Maybe God wanted to keep that alive
And not let anyone rub its reminiscences

Here I stand with a bitter heart and mind
Tired of being used as an instrument
Forced to count my shortcomings
And forget if I could ever be loved
Leave the beauty of love behind
And justify my presence physically

Want to get lost in that hug again
If anyone could find me embraceable like you
Want to listen to those beautiful words
That once made my life so livable
Want to see those expressions
That skipped my heartbeat every moment

Come hold me closer and give that tight hug
Make me feel my beats and my presence
Shower me with your pampering praises
And let me be lost in that lovely world again
I really miss that hug, the melting hug
That could make me a happy woman again!