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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Beware, Machine Age

The extremity reaches the top,
Before every final downfall.
As man breathes the last,
Before the death's final call.
When limit crosses the boundary,
Then comes the fall of all.

Who were themselves animals,
Mercilessly kill own ancients.
Shades which provided shelters,
Cut to increase payments.
Rivers with life giving tales,
Bound in our selfish restraints.

Females once idols of worship,
Presented as models of business.
Children earlier taught epics,
Exposed to relentlessness.
Elders known for experienced clips,
Thrown out for age weaknesses.

Understand the dangerous warnings,
Or will be drowned in the dark ocean.
Don't end the beautiful beginnings,
Which arose the wrong passions?
Can you see your efforts burning?
And land up in lamentations.