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Friday, 15 March 2013

Oh Dear !!

Oh dear! How you were broken
and crushed to pieces.
How u were hurt, my heart!
and succumbed to teases.
Why don't ye imitate the mind
both rational and logical.
You go by emotions and passions
and face suffering of this kind.
Mind understands with the explanation
you go on in your speculations.
Why get so stubborn and obstinate
knowing the broker was not a saint.
Hey!!! Cheer up and don't weep
see how mind shows it's teeth.
Maybe it's also not happy
but why should ever to leap?

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Can You Be Only Mine?

No, not your wealth, O dear!
I crave for something else
Not the beauty of your home
You fulfilling every demand
Giving everything I desire for
I die for something not here
Which your wealth can’t give
Not your promises support
I want that place in your heart
Which pertains after death
Woman wants whole position
Hate to share it with anyone
Even the word about the other
Which digs a hole in her trust
For men, it’s only other woman
For woman, there’s one man
The only man she feels proud
For whom she loves to die for
A woman’s heart is like a glass
Once broken, can be attached
But the mark on heart remains
Being a wife, I ask for my rights
The sole control of your heart
The most precious gift from you
A wife demands from her mouth
Can’t you be only and only mine?