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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

When it Comes so Near….

What can I achieve at the age of 30

When just 30 days are left

Under high pressure to do something great

But getting only hatred from everyone

Very less days left to leave

Without any sign of my existence

24 hours pass so fast

Before I get time to feel it

Now, I want to live every second

And enjoy the creation which is soon to end

Almighty if you please listen to my wish

Give me courage to tolerate this pressure

Make me able in this life

That I can at least prove myself

Shower some peace

That I can leave peacefully

Thursday, 29 August 2013

We will Meet Again!!

You were the hope once
In you laid my happiness
Couldn’t leave you ever
Even after walking the aisle
With someone else
Kept your thoughts alive
To finish the span of this life
And meet you again

 But all hopes shattered now
You even snatched my thoughts
By marrying someone else
Every thought about you
Shows you with other person
And crushes my dreams forever
How to life this long life?
All sources of happiness gone

Still, I would wait for you
To meet me in other world
Where love is the uppermost
And lovers always praised
This life will be an effort
To achieve you, my love
This will not go in vain
As we would meet forever!

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Missing You

Missing you a lot today

Those words buzzing again

Taking me back in the past

When life was so beautiful

I had someone so caring

There seems to be a big void

Happiness laughs at me

People making fun of me

Even death seems to be angry

Forces me to live and cry

Craving for a friend like you

Who could give the same space

And always remain by my side

Who could understand me

And give supporting hands.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Dreaming the Past

Sometimes that past overpowers

Takes me back in those memories

Those lovely days and that face

Enjoying every flying moment

While the time passed by

Wanted to hold those moments

But grabbed so tight

That it slipped away angrily

Want to go back in that phase

When I wished life to stop

And give me time to mesmerize

Whenever that past hovers around

I love to close my eyes

And live in that dream world for a while

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

A Beggar's World

I am sorry, my baby!
Still feel welcomed
On this partial earth
A separate world for you
But same as myself
People of this world call
To which both belong
You and your mother
Simply a beggar's world.
No special protection
No lullabies for you
Only an impatient wait
For you to turn four
Thus being able to hold
If only a thrown container
To beg for your belly
Please forgive me, baby!
A mother welcomes you.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Was She Over-Ambitious?

She craved for an identity
Shared by none.
Wanted to die when
Known by thousands.

She wanted to work
To have self respect.
Wanted to earn
To avoid dependence.

She wanted to marry
The one who loved.
Never wanted
Any third in between.

None of these fulfilled
she sees her wings cut.
Her dreams bleeding
And the life shattered.

Very simple dreams
Would have hurt none.
But disaster fell upon
She couldn’t acquire one.

Sunday, 31 March 2013

The Broken Wings

Running away from the self

Leaving the own past behind.

Trying to be lost in the world

If this soul could ever hide.

Brush up with similar beings

Enlivens the broken wings.

Trying to crush them futher

Forget if they even existed.

Dreams once the soul of life

Pinch on mere remembrance.

So difficult to separate them

Where lied the soul of this life.

Friday, 29 March 2013

A Victim of Beauty

Born with affluence

Wearing rich woman's crown

Shelly entered this world

Unaware of the consequences

Love of godly parents

Affection of a doting brother

She stepped on the edge of youth

Shelly, a miss universe aspirant

Innocence crushed by society

Crimpled by the terror

Chastity being devoured

Left alone, calling her deity

What was her fault?

If god gave her immense beauty

A heavenly gift on earth

Whom man made his assault

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Indelible Marks

Unforgettable words will be
Moments shared be memorable
Struggling much to erase
But marks are indelible
Thought this case be first
Knew happened with everyone
Necessary to teach us
Sweet but bitter lesson
Passage of time fades it
And a single sight enlightens
How to dim that mark?
When each moment brightens.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Thanks, My Cheat

Won't ever live without you
Now a past thought and event.
Your real face shown
Makes me forget every moment.
Fantastic was your love
Much persuasive to doubt.
But lie doesn't continue
Your own words shout.
Comforting was your company
Gave my life new light.
For what those promises?
To force me in this plight.
Thanx for your behaviour
Provided me a new sight.
Whether for love or revenge
Revengeful success will give delight.

A Wife Says...

The luckiest on this earth

And happiest in the universe

Mirror bored of her giggles

She always reclining in mirth

The life a beauty deserves

The caring a woman loves

For whom she lays her life

And mistakes she forgives

He is the one, the only man

Makes her moments alive

Makes her say with pride

I am the lucky charm wife.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Marry The One Who Loves You, Not The One Whom You Love

Love is called as the other name of sacrifice but, to some extent the expectations are always attached to it. Sometimes, we miss the true love of our life and choose the artificial cover of emotions which is hollow from inside. Trust me, there is no way to return after you cross one phase of life and the only thing which hovers till the end is the regret. The worst part is that worse than the worst comes out even if you try to go back as the situations completely change by then.

I know the scene described is really hard to imagine before it is experienced but once it falls upon someone, the whole life is ruined. The institution of marriage has lost the importance in the present era but, still at some point of your life you choose someone to settle down.

Experienced people always make a statement of million dollars when they say ‘Marry the one who loves you, not the one whom you love’.  It does not mean that the person whom you love does not love and the other way round but, a dominating side is always there. If we think logically, this statement proves very true in the long run. If you marry the person whom you love, your expectations dominate and in the other way, the other’s feelings dominate. It pinches a lot when the person whom you love hurts you and the person who loved you is ditched by you.

The above discussion is not to confuse anyone but to advise everyone to move ahead in life with a wise discretion. One single decision ruins the life forever. Yes, you can leave the person anytime and try to move ahead but, the thorn always remains. You can settle down with the second one, then the third one and may be the fourth one as well, but the dissatisfaction always increases with every new relation, how much ever you deny. The mere suggestion is to understand the relations and make the biggest decisions with extreme patience and after listening to both the heart and the mind. Love is blind, it is true but, do not get swayed by this blind emotion to the extent that it makes your whole life blind.

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Thursday, 21 March 2013

The Torn Gift

Unable to raise the eyes
Or talk to anyone
People blame me
On every single chance
A collection of faults
This body reveals
Was this the gift of god?
The soul argues
Please raise me above
I am left distraught
Soul wants to brighten
The body craves to live
But the pointing fingers
Make me confused
Give me the courage
To live with your gift
Losing all the dreams
Far-far behind
Help me, O almighty!
Just to live ahead
The thought of leaving
Comes and goes
But will my departure
Stop the blames

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Unjust Justice

Love gifts with life
Who took mine away?
A dream of heaven
Why threw me into hell?
If faith is the base
What remained in mine?
If purpose is to raise
Why didn't I shine?
Love elevates nature
I became suspicious
A savior for future
I became flirtatious
Love has no reason
Why did I search for?
Love sees no beauty
Why was it seen in me?
Love pacifies mind
Why did I argue?
Love was not love
Why do I argue?

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Artificial Glitter

What an age! what a craze!
Making a lot of friends
For winning other's praise
Everyone is phony and fake
Knowing this in our hearts
Befriending just for its sake
Knowing not how to trust
As mistrust our own selves
But shaking hands to adjust
Life's lonely, hearts bitter
All engaged with one's Own
Happy with artificial glitter
Need someone beside to stand
Join groups searching for one
If this could all understand

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Three Things

Three things in life always matter
Time, words and opportunity
Once gone will never come back
And you are badly shattered

Three things in life always matter
Love, confidence and friends
The most valuable for everyone
If gone, you are sure to fall

Three things in life always matter
Dreams, success and fortune
Everyone runs after these three
But none of them certain

Three things in life always matter
Work, sincerity and commitment
Everyone needs to always follow 
As they make man or woman

Three things in life always matter
Alcohol, pride and anger
Dangerous, if not handled properly
Destroys man or woman

Three things in life always matter
Respect, trust and friendship
The most precious human beings 
As once lost, hard to build up

Saturday, 16 March 2013

My Man

Handsome than the man
I saw in my dreams
Smarter than the structure
That covered my imaginations
Loving than love itself
Protection of mother's lap
Provider of my unknown rights
Understands my own self
Shows through his actions
Loves more than his life
But my man, an introvert
Can't say through expressions
Thank god! For being kind
Fulfilling dreams of my life
I love you, my man
You deserve to be called divine.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Oh Dear !!

Oh dear! How you were broken
and crushed to pieces.
How u were hurt, my heart!
and succumbed to teases.
Why don't ye imitate the mind
both rational and logical.
You go by emotions and passions
and face suffering of this kind.
Mind understands with the explanation
you go on in your speculations.
Why get so stubborn and obstinate
knowing the broker was not a saint.
Hey!!! Cheer up and don't weep
see how mind shows it's teeth.
Maybe it's also not happy
but why should ever to leap?

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Love and Physicality

How can love be permanent
if it's limited to the physical plane.
Where is that spirituality
if inner beauty for disdain.
People fall in love
call it intense and sensuous.
But what after gratification
need change as it's tenacious.
Everyone knows the reality
but that's a dream castle
Not easy to stop ourselves
even if it's the whole hassle
Difficult for hermits on mountains
escaping this lustful desire.
But for common beings
falling in it is certain.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Whats-True, His Love or His Hatre

According to an old saying, a person always says the truth in anger. So, do you remember any recent fight with your husband or boyfriend? Both must have outpoured the feelings which could not have been revealed in good mood. Are those hateful words true which keep buzzing in ears after the patch up and even when you are in his arms? Yes, it really becomes hard to decide which of the aspects are true.

Fights are a common part of a relationship and most of the times, a relationship itself begins with a fight. Though its tough to believe that those hurting words are not from the heart but the love which is showered after should smoothen everything.

In fact, the angry shower should be taken as correction power towards perfection. It applies to both boys and girls as they can suffer the same situation at different levels.However, when those bitter words are not followed by the balm of love, the reason should be easily understood. And to be accurate, sometimes separation is better than external patch up in such cases.

It has become quite common in the recent years that people get married in the sway of instant emotions and then regret through out their lives. Marriage should never be an instant decision, t should be based on the foundation of a lost of positive proven experiments. Once in thousands, there can be seen sudden changes after the marriage but 99% is the victim of false perception.