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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

When Love takes a Pause, Life Stops

Those days when life was awesome

And every moment was mesmerizing

A thought that you were there

Used to bring a bright smile

Now, when everything is against

Living life seems so tough

I wanted one shoulder to cry

And God gave me four shoulders

To say good bye forever

Thank you God for understanding

And standing by my side

When passing every moment

Had become a slow death

When it Comes so Near….

What can I achieve at the age of 30

When just 30 days are left

Under high pressure to do something great

But getting only hatred from everyone

Very less days left to leave

Without any sign of my existence

24 hours pass so fast

Before I get time to feel it

Now, I want to live every second

And enjoy the creation which is soon to end

Almighty if you please listen to my wish

Give me courage to tolerate this pressure

Make me able in this life

That I can at least prove myself

Shower some peace

That I can leave peacefully

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Missing You

Missing you a lot today

Those words buzzing again

Taking me back in the past

When life was so beautiful

I had someone so caring

There seems to be a big void

Happiness laughs at me

People making fun of me

Even death seems to be angry

Forces me to live and cry

Craving for a friend like you

Who could give the same space

And always remain by my side

Who could understand me

And give supporting hands.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Dreaming the Past

Sometimes that past overpowers

Takes me back in those memories

Those lovely days and that face

Enjoying every flying moment

While the time passed by

Wanted to hold those moments

But grabbed so tight

That it slipped away angrily

Want to go back in that phase

When I wished life to stop

And give me time to mesmerize

Whenever that past hovers around

I love to close my eyes

And live in that dream world for a while

Monday, 1 April 2013

True Love Can Never Be Defeated

Tears trickled down the cheeks of Ms. Shrishti Bhatt. Sitting on the sofa with the only memories left in her hands, how much ever she tried to resist but always stopped on the same photograph of the album. The maid entered inside the room with the evening breakfast and noticed her face engrossed with the same emotions. “Madam, life is very short. How many years would you give to that past? Be practical in life. Being a servant, these words don't suit me but this is not the way to deal with the bitterness of life.” Shrishti told without even raising her eyes,” Shanti! You know that my present lies in my past. I will die on the day when the God takes away that as well. Please leave me alone.” Going out of the door, Shanti turned back suddenly,” Oh, I forgot madam. Some reporters are waiting outside.” Keeping the album back in the locker, she replied,” O.K. Welcome them and give them seats. I am coming.”

Interview with reporters had become an important element of the life of Ms. Shrishti Bhatt, the I.A.S officer of Allahabad. Her past perturbed everyone. Interviewers wanted spice for their magazines but her dignity stopped everyone to prick he shadowed identity. Shrishti Bhatt, a beautiful, charming young woman of 32, stepping down the stairs of her large mansion waving her hands to the reporters who had come from Times of India and took her seat. Madam, if you don't mind, can we ask if you know anyone called Chhitiz Bharadwaz?”Shrishti remained stunned at the sound of this word which she herself hadn't ever dared to repeat after that incident. Answering the question in negative, she left the reporters confused at her astonished face and went upwards staggering as if struck by the loss of any loved one.

Going straight into her dressing room, Shrishti stood before the long mirror which she hadn't faced for the last fourteen years. How changed she was! An unmarried woman dressed in a white sari without any kind of ornamentation. Chhitiz! Chhitiz! The name echoing in her mind forced her to scream if she could throw it out of herself. Her maid, the only person in the world who knew the truth of her life took her to the same sofa where Shrishti could find serenity. Shrishti took out the album and turning over the photographs again stopped on the same photo, her fingers on the face of the same person. Yes, he was Chhitiz, her life, her soul and the person for whom she had sacrificed all her happiness. He was in this world but still unknown to Shrishti. Her mind went back to the college life they had shared together. Shrishti and Chhitiz were best friends. They loved each other to such an extent that people felt jealous but still in the core of their hearts felt forced to think if such love was really possible. Shrishti had cleared her preliminary exam for the civil services and the last day of the final year exam had also passed. The same garden where they used to meet Shrishti was as usual waiting for Chhitiz. “Oh Chhitiz! You are again late and what's in this diary,” said Shrishti snatching the diary from him. Chhitiz looked at her and said in a serious tone, “Dear! Today, I have to discuss something really important for our lives.” Shrishti replied jokingly, “serious! Yes, very serious! You seem so funny when you even try to get serious.” Chhitiz tried to make her understand and said in a scolding manner,” Please Shrishti! Try to understand, this is regarding both of us.” Shrishti didn't even seem to listen to his words and said hurriedly,” Oh no! I forgot to tell you, Sir Hardy was calling you. First go and meet him and then we will enjoy this seriousness together.”

Chhitiz looked very disturbed that day. But Shrishti assumed his tension for an hour or two as usual to grab her attention. About fifteen minutes passed and he didn't return. Going forward a few steps, she returned back to take his diary which she had forgotten on the slip. Shrishti opened the diary and said to herself,” Oh yes! He was hiding something from me. Card? The card was not an ordinary one; it was an invitation card for Shrishti in the wedding ceremony of Chhitiz with a girl called Hrishita. Shrishti lost her conscience for a moment. The whole world seemed to fall before her eyes. She understood everything and preserving all the memories of Chhitiz in her heart went away forever and ever. After this incident, the first thing which she did was changed her mobile number. Secondly, without giving a single day to Chhitiz for any kind of explanation left the Girls'apartment where she used to live and went to stay with her maternal uncle and aunty about which Chhitizwas totally unknown. Shrishti had lost her parents when she was only eight. After clearing her interview for Civil Services, she decided not to marry as didn't want to share the love of Chhitiz with anyone else. She took a large mansion in Allahabad and lived there with her diary and the album, the only memories of her college life. She never even felt envious of Hrishita instead always considered her lucky to be Chhitiz's wife. 

Coming back from her past, Shrishti asked her driver to take out the car and went alone driving to the mountainous, hilly regions on the border of Allahabad. Chhitiz seemed sitting beside her and begging for a chance to explain him. Shrishti kept on increasing the speed of the car and suddenly with her loud scream,” Please Chhitiz! I am nowhere in your life now. Go away!” her white color Mercedes hit the large banyan tree. People gathered in large numbers and the hope of her survival became least with the severe injuries on her head. Reporters poured in the hospital corridors and newspapers got studded with the reports of her accident and with headlines,” Ms. Shrishti's secret life passing into the secret world.” But fate had something else in store for her. She was saved. It was the day of her discharge from the hospital and Shanti was waiting outside with garlands in her hands and tears in her eyes. She fell on her feet and started thanking the Almighty but Shrishti seemed to be lost. Having once escaped death, she decided to meet Chhitiz before her final separation from life. Immediately a ticket was booked for her flight to Delhi. Shrishti went all alone. While going to Chhitiz's house from the airport in a taxi, each and every road she passed by reminded her of the days spent with him. Her car only stopped at a mall from where she bought a beautiful sari for his wife and clothes for the children of her imagination. Standing right below his bungalow, Shrishti stopped for a while thinking if he would be able to recognize her or not and if his wife would like this surprise visit or not. But, she couldn't dare to move back from her destination. Her heartbeat pounded higher and higher with the reducing no of steps to his house. Her hands trembled while pressing the door bell.

The door opened and the person standing in front of her was Mr. Chhitiz Bharadwaz, the famous industrialist of Delhi. Fourteen years had just whitened a few hairs without affecting much of his handsome personality. He remained stunned. Ten minutes passed standing outside staring at each other when Shrishti reminded him to follow the courtesy and call her inside in a kidding manner. The forceful smile on her face couldn't stop the rolling down of tears. Trying to hide her true emotions, she asked inquiringly,” Where is Hrishita? I have brought a beautiful sari for her. And, where are your children? See this. Will it fit him? “Without uttering a single word, Chhitiz took all the gifts in one hand and holding her hand with the other took her inside. Pointing towards a lady lying on a bed, he said angrily,” See, Shrishti! Meet my mother and see her condition.” Holding tears in his eyes, he went outside. His mother understood who she was and embraced her. She couldn't stop her tears and wiping her face said,” Dear, that card was printed before I was even ware of your relationship. Chhitiz had taken that card in order to force you to meet me and understand how eager I was to get him married as you always used to take his discussions lightly. He is still unmarried and waiting for you, my love! Please help me to die peacefully.” Saying this, the old lady started sobbing profusely. The earth slipped away from her feet and sky seemed to fall apart. True love between Shrishti and Chhitiz was proved.

Two years passed and Shrishti was again seen sitting on a sofa with the same album in her hands but now not with memories but real Chhitiz sitting beside him and a child in between and all the three enjoying the college life stories shared and laughed about between the two lovers.

Was She Over-Ambitious?

She craved for an identity
Shared by none.
Wanted to die when
Known by thousands.

She wanted to work
To have self respect.
Wanted to earn
To avoid dependence.

She wanted to marry
The one who loved.
Never wanted
Any third in between.

None of these fulfilled
she sees her wings cut.
Her dreams bleeding
And the life shattered.

Very simple dreams
Would have hurt none.
But disaster fell upon
She couldn’t acquire one.

Monday, 25 March 2013

A Wife Says...

The luckiest on this earth

And happiest in the universe

Mirror bored of her giggles

She always reclining in mirth

The life a beauty deserves

The caring a woman loves

For whom she lays her life

And mistakes she forgives

He is the one, the only man

Makes her moments alive

Makes her say with pride

I am the lucky charm wife.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Marry The One Who Loves You, Not The One Whom You Love

Love is called as the other name of sacrifice but, to some extent the expectations are always attached to it. Sometimes, we miss the true love of our life and choose the artificial cover of emotions which is hollow from inside. Trust me, there is no way to return after you cross one phase of life and the only thing which hovers till the end is the regret. The worst part is that worse than the worst comes out even if you try to go back as the situations completely change by then.

I know the scene described is really hard to imagine before it is experienced but once it falls upon someone, the whole life is ruined. The institution of marriage has lost the importance in the present era but, still at some point of your life you choose someone to settle down.

Experienced people always make a statement of million dollars when they say ‘Marry the one who loves you, not the one whom you love’.  It does not mean that the person whom you love does not love and the other way round but, a dominating side is always there. If we think logically, this statement proves very true in the long run. If you marry the person whom you love, your expectations dominate and in the other way, the other’s feelings dominate. It pinches a lot when the person whom you love hurts you and the person who loved you is ditched by you.

The above discussion is not to confuse anyone but to advise everyone to move ahead in life with a wise discretion. One single decision ruins the life forever. Yes, you can leave the person anytime and try to move ahead but, the thorn always remains. You can settle down with the second one, then the third one and may be the fourth one as well, but the dissatisfaction always increases with every new relation, how much ever you deny. The mere suggestion is to understand the relations and make the biggest decisions with extreme patience and after listening to both the heart and the mind. Love is blind, it is true but, do not get swayed by this blind emotion to the extent that it makes your whole life blind.

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Thursday, 21 March 2013

The Torn Gift

Unable to raise the eyes
Or talk to anyone
People blame me
On every single chance
A collection of faults
This body reveals
Was this the gift of god?
The soul argues
Please raise me above
I am left distraught
Soul wants to brighten
The body craves to live
But the pointing fingers
Make me confused
Give me the courage
To live with your gift
Losing all the dreams
Far-far behind
Help me, O almighty!
Just to live ahead
The thought of leaving
Comes and goes
But will my departure
Stop the blames

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Unjust Justice

Love gifts with life
Who took mine away?
A dream of heaven
Why threw me into hell?
If faith is the base
What remained in mine?
If purpose is to raise
Why didn't I shine?
Love elevates nature
I became suspicious
A savior for future
I became flirtatious
Love has no reason
Why did I search for?
Love sees no beauty
Why was it seen in me?
Love pacifies mind
Why did I argue?
Love was not love
Why do I argue?

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Artificial Glitter

What an age! what a craze!
Making a lot of friends
For winning other's praise
Everyone is phony and fake
Knowing this in our hearts
Befriending just for its sake
Knowing not how to trust
As mistrust our own selves
But shaking hands to adjust
Life's lonely, hearts bitter
All engaged with one's Own
Happy with artificial glitter
Need someone beside to stand
Join groups searching for one
If this could all understand

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Three Things

Three things in life always matter
Time, words and opportunity
Once gone will never come back
And you are badly shattered

Three things in life always matter
Love, confidence and friends
The most valuable for everyone
If gone, you are sure to fall

Three things in life always matter
Dreams, success and fortune
Everyone runs after these three
But none of them certain

Three things in life always matter
Work, sincerity and commitment
Everyone needs to always follow 
As they make man or woman

Three things in life always matter
Alcohol, pride and anger
Dangerous, if not handled properly
Destroys man or woman

Three things in life always matter
Respect, trust and friendship
The most precious human beings 
As once lost, hard to build up

Saturday, 16 March 2013

My Man

Handsome than the man
I saw in my dreams
Smarter than the structure
That covered my imaginations
Loving than love itself
Protection of mother's lap
Provider of my unknown rights
Understands my own self
Shows through his actions
Loves more than his life
But my man, an introvert
Can't say through expressions
Thank god! For being kind
Fulfilling dreams of my life
I love you, my man
You deserve to be called divine.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Unison to Salvation

God created both
The man and the woman
Each claim for heaven
Meditating on the mountain
Leaving the children
Whole community of brethren
What is peace?
And what is this happiness?
What is the source?
And who are the achievers?
Is it on any mountain?
Or in any cave on the earth.
Life is always beautiful
Generations believed in this
Philosophy of living the present
I call to be epicurean
But running away from truth
Is it not lacking in strength?
Purpose of god!
Why did he make the two?
Not for expanding population
But for the final salvation
Not for creating obstacles
But for becoming companions
Where does peace lie?
Nowhere but on this earth
In laughing out sorrows
And giving others a joyride
Respecting others emotions
And balancing life's equations
Don't run away!
Sorrows give mortification
Happiness derived is salvation
Why crave for others abode?
Make this earth like heaven
Thus resolves all the tension.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Love, the Life

Love, the lovely sight

It’s the greatest height.

The aim of a man’s life

How much ever we hide.

The source of hope

The resource of happiness.

Itself the hope of life

Where the happiness lies.

The nucleus of our deeds

The core of the thoughts.

The thread connecting us

On which we all survive.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A Silent Proposal

Love you more than life
If only could show that
Feelings remain inside
Words unable to express
Eyes trying to convey
Always fall at the glance
If could open the heart
Show you the sole owner
That name of the person
Rules the entire domain
The nucleus of this life
Body remains transfixed
Only love revolves around
I love you from the core
Heart beats this sound.