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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

When Love takes a Pause, Life Stops

Those days when life was awesome

And every moment was mesmerizing

A thought that you were there

Used to bring a bright smile

Now, when everything is against

Living life seems so tough

I wanted one shoulder to cry

And God gave me four shoulders

To say good bye forever

Thank you God for understanding

And standing by my side

When passing every moment

Had become a slow death

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

What a Contrast?

Mind is mine, heart is mine

Why don't they work together?

Whenever needed on time

Both rivals to each other

Live in my single body

Why shouldn't I bother?

One wet with tears

Other so mean and selfish

Hurts others and cheers

Whole machine, single God

How different instruments?

Has one ever thought?

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Unison to Salvation

God created both
The man and the woman
Each claim for heaven
Meditating on the mountain
Leaving the children
Whole community of brethren
What is peace?
And what is this happiness?
What is the source?
And who are the achievers?
Is it on any mountain?
Or in any cave on the earth.
Life is always beautiful
Generations believed in this
Philosophy of living the present
I call to be epicurean
But running away from truth
Is it not lacking in strength?
Purpose of god!
Why did he make the two?
Not for expanding population
But for the final salvation
Not for creating obstacles
But for becoming companions
Where does peace lie?
Nowhere but on this earth
In laughing out sorrows
And giving others a joyride
Respecting others emotions
And balancing life's equations
Don't run away!
Sorrows give mortification
Happiness derived is salvation
Why crave for others abode?
Make this earth like heaven
Thus resolves all the tension.