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Monday, 8 April 2013

Let's Make Him a Human Being

Root lies in his mind

We punish the body

His aim already set

We don't understand

He succeeds, we suffer

We succeed, he suffers

No resolution to this

Till we reach the root

Pull out from deep soil

Germs entangled to it

Clear it with thoughts

Contemplate on his mind

Understand his situation

Hold his hand once

Show the human world

Visualize the colored life

Not a murdered sight

How satisfying is laughter

Than the other world

People wriggling in pain

If we could think this

We humanize a terrorist

Friday, 5 April 2013

Fission and Fusion: The Nuclear Confusion

Enough is accumulated

To destroy human beings

The mark of our existence

Presence of all living things

It’s scientist’s prediction

If bombed fifteen times

Bring complete destruction

In bombardment of first line

Gathering nuclear weapons

Man shows his powers

But wasting money in tons

Calls death’s final showers

Nowhere to hide on the earth

Poison to cover atmosphere

All achievements in dearth

Is it for this, you dare?

Monday, 25 March 2013

A Wife Says...

The luckiest on this earth

And happiest in the universe

Mirror bored of her giggles

She always reclining in mirth

The life a beauty deserves

The caring a woman loves

For whom she lays her life

And mistakes she forgives

He is the one, the only man

Makes her moments alive

Makes her say with pride

I am the lucky charm wife.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

My Man

Handsome than the man
I saw in my dreams
Smarter than the structure
That covered my imaginations
Loving than love itself
Protection of mother's lap
Provider of my unknown rights
Understands my own self
Shows through his actions
Loves more than his life
But my man, an introvert
Can't say through expressions
Thank god! For being kind
Fulfilling dreams of my life
I love you, my man
You deserve to be called divine.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Unison to Salvation

God created both
The man and the woman
Each claim for heaven
Meditating on the mountain
Leaving the children
Whole community of brethren
What is peace?
And what is this happiness?
What is the source?
And who are the achievers?
Is it on any mountain?
Or in any cave on the earth.
Life is always beautiful
Generations believed in this
Philosophy of living the present
I call to be epicurean
But running away from truth
Is it not lacking in strength?
Purpose of god!
Why did he make the two?
Not for expanding population
But for the final salvation
Not for creating obstacles
But for becoming companions
Where does peace lie?
Nowhere but on this earth
In laughing out sorrows
And giving others a joyride
Respecting others emotions
And balancing life's equations
Don't run away!
Sorrows give mortification
Happiness derived is salvation
Why crave for others abode?
Make this earth like heaven
Thus resolves all the tension.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Can You Be Only Mine?

No, not your wealth, O dear!
I crave for something else
Not the beauty of your home
You fulfilling every demand
Giving everything I desire for
I die for something not here
Which your wealth can’t give
Not your promises support
I want that place in your heart
Which pertains after death
Woman wants whole position
Hate to share it with anyone
Even the word about the other
Which digs a hole in her trust
For men, it’s only other woman
For woman, there’s one man
The only man she feels proud
For whom she loves to die for
A woman’s heart is like a glass
Once broken, can be attached
But the mark on heart remains
Being a wife, I ask for my rights
The sole control of your heart
The most precious gift from you
A wife demands from her mouth
Can’t you be only and only mine?