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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

What a Contrast?

Mind is mine, heart is mine

Why don't they work together?

Whenever needed on time

Both rivals to each other

Live in my single body

Why shouldn't I bother?

One wet with tears

Other so mean and selfish

Hurts others and cheers

Whole machine, single God

How different instruments?

Has one ever thought?

Monday, 11 March 2013

Lovely or Ugly

The nucleus of lives
Destroys us for ever
Why is it so powerful?
Deviates our drives.
Single element unites
How can it ever wither?
But fate walks ahead
Loses its entire focus.
Time dims the mark
Says the whole world
Experience this shark
And mould your heart.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

My First Love Experience

Mind is vacillating
Aim is deviating.
That’s the word
Lovely, but dominating.

Fear has disappeared
Consequences nowhere.
Is that the word?
Dominating, but fascinating.

Changed self is drastic
World became fantastic.
That’s the word
Fascinating and exhilarating.

Unknown fear is there
But courage too appear.
Is that the word?
Always encouraging.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A Silent Proposal

Love you more than life
If only could show that
Feelings remain inside
Words unable to express
Eyes trying to convey
Always fall at the glance
If could open the heart
Show you the sole owner
That name of the person
Rules the entire domain
The nucleus of this life
Body remains transfixed
Only love revolves around
I love you from the core
Heart beats this sound.

Can You Be Only Mine?

No, not your wealth, O dear!
I crave for something else
Not the beauty of your home
You fulfilling every demand
Giving everything I desire for
I die for something not here
Which your wealth can’t give
Not your promises support
I want that place in your heart
Which pertains after death
Woman wants whole position
Hate to share it with anyone
Even the word about the other
Which digs a hole in her trust
For men, it’s only other woman
For woman, there’s one man
The only man she feels proud
For whom she loves to die for
A woman’s heart is like a glass
Once broken, can be attached
But the mark on heart remains
Being a wife, I ask for my rights
The sole control of your heart
The most precious gift from you
A wife demands from her mouth
Can’t you be only and only mine?

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

My Valentine

Very far has gone the day 
When I was dying
To be called a valentine.
Could never dare to ask anyone
Could you be only mine?
Fear showed everyone denying.
Now rosy day has come
I am with my valentine.
And say the world with proud
He is only and only mine.
Married and became my hubby
To make my life always shine.
I lay this heart and life
To my life time valentine.

Monday, 18 February 2013

If You Love Someone

Love is really not love

As much you materialize

Heart never satisfies

How much will you justify?

Only the mind pacifies

What’s the use of such love?

If the heart later denies

For real love, this heart craves

Which forces to realize

You snatch it on physical plane

But love is not love

Till you let it spiritualize