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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Unjust Justice

Love gifts with life
Who took mine away?
A dream of heaven
Why threw me into hell?
If faith is the base
What remained in mine?
If purpose is to raise
Why didn't I shine?
Love elevates nature
I became suspicious
A savior for future
I became flirtatious
Love has no reason
Why did I search for?
Love sees no beauty
Why was it seen in me?
Love pacifies mind
Why did I argue?
Love was not love
Why do I argue?

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Three Things

Three things in life always matter
Time, words and opportunity
Once gone will never come back
And you are badly shattered

Three things in life always matter
Love, confidence and friends
The most valuable for everyone
If gone, you are sure to fall

Three things in life always matter
Dreams, success and fortune
Everyone runs after these three
But none of them certain

Three things in life always matter
Work, sincerity and commitment
Everyone needs to always follow 
As they make man or woman

Three things in life always matter
Alcohol, pride and anger
Dangerous, if not handled properly
Destroys man or woman

Three things in life always matter
Respect, trust and friendship
The most precious human beings 
As once lost, hard to build up

Saturday, 16 March 2013

My Man

Handsome than the man
I saw in my dreams
Smarter than the structure
That covered my imaginations
Loving than love itself
Protection of mother's lap
Provider of my unknown rights
Understands my own self
Shows through his actions
Loves more than his life
But my man, an introvert
Can't say through expressions
Thank god! For being kind
Fulfilling dreams of my life
I love you, my man
You deserve to be called divine.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Whats-True, His Love or His Hatre

According to an old saying, a person always says the truth in anger. So, do you remember any recent fight with your husband or boyfriend? Both must have outpoured the feelings which could not have been revealed in good mood. Are those hateful words true which keep buzzing in ears after the patch up and even when you are in his arms? Yes, it really becomes hard to decide which of the aspects are true.

Fights are a common part of a relationship and most of the times, a relationship itself begins with a fight. Though its tough to believe that those hurting words are not from the heart but the love which is showered after should smoothen everything.

In fact, the angry shower should be taken as correction power towards perfection. It applies to both boys and girls as they can suffer the same situation at different levels.However, when those bitter words are not followed by the balm of love, the reason should be easily understood. And to be accurate, sometimes separation is better than external patch up in such cases.

It has become quite common in the recent years that people get married in the sway of instant emotions and then regret through out their lives. Marriage should never be an instant decision, t should be based on the foundation of a lost of positive proven experiments. Once in thousands, there can be seen sudden changes after the marriage but 99% is the victim of false perception.