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Thursday, 29 August 2013

We will Meet Again!!

You were the hope once
In you laid my happiness
Couldn’t leave you ever
Even after walking the aisle
With someone else
Kept your thoughts alive
To finish the span of this life
And meet you again

 But all hopes shattered now
You even snatched my thoughts
By marrying someone else
Every thought about you
Shows you with other person
And crushes my dreams forever
How to life this long life?
All sources of happiness gone

Still, I would wait for you
To meet me in other world
Where love is the uppermost
And lovers always praised
This life will be an effort
To achieve you, my love
This will not go in vain
As we would meet forever!

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Gay or Lesbian, First a Human

Rights for humans everywhere

Not one for me to be a human

Outcast from the primary society

Pointed by every other person

I lie here alone and deserted

Choked by heated arguments

Always asking the almighty

Am I really so different?

Media craves for sensation

Makes my marriage a headline

People fight for justifications

While I search for my existence

This defeated soul cries aloud

If anyone in world could hear it

Call me either a gay or a lesbian

But first of all, I am a human.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Marry The One Who Loves You, Not The One Whom You Love

Love is called as the other name of sacrifice but, to some extent the expectations are always attached to it. Sometimes, we miss the true love of our life and choose the artificial cover of emotions which is hollow from inside. Trust me, there is no way to return after you cross one phase of life and the only thing which hovers till the end is the regret. The worst part is that worse than the worst comes out even if you try to go back as the situations completely change by then.

I know the scene described is really hard to imagine before it is experienced but once it falls upon someone, the whole life is ruined. The institution of marriage has lost the importance in the present era but, still at some point of your life you choose someone to settle down.

Experienced people always make a statement of million dollars when they say ‘Marry the one who loves you, not the one whom you love’.  It does not mean that the person whom you love does not love and the other way round but, a dominating side is always there. If we think logically, this statement proves very true in the long run. If you marry the person whom you love, your expectations dominate and in the other way, the other’s feelings dominate. It pinches a lot when the person whom you love hurts you and the person who loved you is ditched by you.

The above discussion is not to confuse anyone but to advise everyone to move ahead in life with a wise discretion. One single decision ruins the life forever. Yes, you can leave the person anytime and try to move ahead but, the thorn always remains. You can settle down with the second one, then the third one and may be the fourth one as well, but the dissatisfaction always increases with every new relation, how much ever you deny. The mere suggestion is to understand the relations and make the biggest decisions with extreme patience and after listening to both the heart and the mind. Love is blind, it is true but, do not get swayed by this blind emotion to the extent that it makes your whole life blind.

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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Tips to Make your Relationship Romantic

It gives some tips how to gain the same spark in your relationship which was during before marriage or initial days of marriage.

To maintain the spark in a relationship after spending some years together is one of the biggest challenges of life as the charm of the partners for each other tends to diminish with time. However, people conscious about such facts and for whom their relationship is one of the top priorities of life, following a few tips and inculcating those in one’s daily routine can certainly fuel the romantic aspect of a relationship. Here are a few way by which you can enrich and enhance the love factor and rekindle the spark in your relationship.

Spend Quality Time with Each Other

The first and the foremost thing is to understand the fact that as the spark doesn’t diminish in a day or two so, it also requires some efforts from both the partners to gain it back and fire up the relationship. For this, both the partners need to work on their relationship everyday. The seeds of love need to be watered to not let them dry up and die with the passage of time. So, the best way is to spend quality time and lavish your partner with tender love and care.

Compliment your woman

Men should compliment their partners for even the smallest things they do as a woman never gets tired of hearing compliments and more the shower of compliments, more she craves for. However, the appreciation should come sincerely from your heart as a woman is an expert in understanding the feelings hidden behind an expression.

Give Presents to win your woman’s trustAs men trust more on visual beauty so, women can gain the attention of their partners by wearing sexy lingerie as nothing can make a man more excited than his woman standing in a semi clad sexy avatar in front of him.

A woman always loves to receive gifts and the best part is that size and price of the gift never matters to her. Every gift for her is an assurance that her partner actually loves her and she gets closer to him. The most common gifts which are liked by almost every woman include a cuddly teddy bear, a box of chocolates or some cosmetics which no woman can deny.

Celebrate your anniversaries like a mini honeymoon

It’s always an awesome idea to take a break on your anniversary and celebrate it like a mini honeymoon to fuel up the romance in your relationship. It’s not necessary to go to any expensive resort but, a small bed and breakfast restaurant can make your experience unforgettable and keep your efforts at the top.

Don’t Miss any Occasion to Express your Love

If you make a routine to say your lady partner ‘I Love You’ as soon as you come back home, nothing in the world can take away the charm of your relationship. Giving a kiss to your partner or expressing your love by bringing flowers giver her assurance that you miss her and care for her when not together.

Go on Long Romantic Walks

Last but not the least, try to go on long walks which give you a chance not only to enjoy nature but, also reconnect with each other forgetting all other worries in the midst of natural surroundings.

Respect each other’s Feelings

Apart from this, respect plays the most significant role and it’s necessary for both the partners to understand each other’s feelings and learn to make the relationship a romantic swing.