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Sunday, 31 March 2013

The Broken Wings

Running away from the self

Leaving the own past behind.

Trying to be lost in the world

If this soul could ever hide.

Brush up with similar beings

Enlivens the broken wings.

Trying to crush them futher

Forget if they even existed.

Dreams once the soul of life

Pinch on mere remembrance.

So difficult to separate them

Where lied the soul of this life.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

The Torn Gift

Unable to raise the eyes
Or talk to anyone
People blame me
On every single chance
A collection of faults
This body reveals
Was this the gift of god?
The soul argues
Please raise me above
I am left distraught
Soul wants to brighten
The body craves to live
But the pointing fingers
Make me confused
Give me the courage
To live with your gift
Losing all the dreams
Far-far behind
Help me, O almighty!
Just to live ahead
The thought of leaving
Comes and goes
But will my departure
Stop the blames

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The Song of Love

Love, the most powerful feeling
Emotion overpowering the world.

Transcends the soul of everyone

The thought empowering us.

A child laughs, a mother cries

Some soothened by loveliness.

Others smitten by the separation

But love remains the guiding force.

Born out of the power of love

Spend the life in search of it.

Enliven the charm of heaven

The mere imagination of love.

Love, the soul of every being

The base of the universe.

The binding force of the earth

The word which the world sings.